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Greatest Mash Up Ever? DAMN RIGHT

I challenge anyone who sees this post to find a better mash up

Madeon absolutely crushes this mix. Everything flows together perfectly, pausing and stopping in all the right places and emphasizing the best parts of the individual songs.

This is truly a master piece. If I tried I’d just make a master piece of crap


Mila Doll – Instagram Eye Candy

Mila Doll - Instagram Eye Candy

Rumor has it that her butt is fake and a result of injections or implants or whatever

I personally do not give a flying bird, as it looks delicious anyways

If I ever meet the doctor who did this to her I ought to thank him, in the name of all men

See more of her at her instagram: http://instagram.com/miladoll323#

and twitter: https://twitter.com/UrFaveLatina