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Marco V may be the best kept secret in Electronic music right now


Marco V is a DJ from the Netherlands that has blown my mind on numerous occasions. His style is very captivating and really captures the essence of clubbing.


For anyone who has been in a rock for the past 10 years or so check out some of his work




He has a lot of different kinds of work. If you’re not into songs without vocals he has worked with singers too. Check out one of his bigger singles featuring Maruja Retana


His remix of together is bomb as well.



Hideaway by Kiesza


This song has been doing really well on the radio over here in Canada. The video is absolutely amazing too. It was all done in one long shot, and Kiesza had a broken rib when she did it. Talk about dedication!




Look out for more from this Canadian songstress

Greatest Mash Up Ever? DAMN RIGHT

I challenge anyone who sees this post to find a better mash up

Madeon absolutely crushes this mix. Everything flows together perfectly, pausing and stopping in all the right places and emphasizing the best parts of the individual songs.

This is truly a master piece. If I tried I’d just make a master piece of crap

Artist Spotlight – Amazing Producer Shreddie Mercury !

I think I might be developing an obsession with his work. I find his songs absolutely amazing from the composition to the originality. I just can not ever get tired of his songs


Here is my personal favorite by him:



Such a great song choice. Chromeo did an amazing job with the original and the remix does it great justice.



If you still aren’t sold on Shreddie Mercury (hilarious name) check out some of my other favorites by him



This one has a wicked riff with some high speed arps and catchy pads



If you think that doing remixes is cheesy and unoriginal then just check out this original mix





I rest my case